Physiologists have made a discovery: it turns out that the human brain contains 10 times more information than previously thought. One petabytes is the entire volume of the world wide web, tells eLife.

"It's a real bomb for neurophysiology. We have found the key to understanding how the neurons of the hippocampus, center of memory, how they manage to combine low energy consumption with high performance. The most conservative estimates, the capacity of our memory is about 10 times more than we previously thought, and its volume is approximately a petabyte, which is comparable to the size of the entire global web", says the study results Terry Sejnowski (the Salk Institute in La JOLLA.

The authors were able to quantify the "capacity" of one nerve cell. As it turned out, thanks to multiple connections with the same cells increases the speed of information transfer. It changes the perception of the nervous system of all mammals. According to the new theory, the brain contains a huge reservoir of data, consuming only 20 watts of energy.

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