The human brain is actively working even in his sleep - the scientists

Research group of neurophysiologists in a large study revealed one of the secrets of the brain. It turned out, the sound information is perceived by the person and in sleep and during wakefulness equally acute. Take the night perception is slightly different from the day, writes Current Biology.

Scientists have proven that during sleep the brain can associate words with specific images, to create a chain of associations. Were recorded electrical rhythms (EEG) 18 volunteers in the mode of wakefulness. During the examination, the people listened to the audio recording, in which were listed the names of animals, subject, non-existent words.

The second stage examined the brain activity of volunteers during sleep. People included the same record. The obtained data has surprised scientists. The brain reacted to a recording similar to the daily perception.

The study has shed light on some of the phenomena. People can sleep in the noise, but it's easy to Wake up, if someone softly called his name. Similar happens with the alarm tone that we hear every day and begin to Wake up at the first, the most quiet sounds.

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