The human brain has a limited capacity for remembering information

The capacity of the human brain are not as limitless as many believe. Experts from the European molecular biology laboratory in one of the experiments established that there is a limitation that will not allow a person to store information more than certain level.

Over time, we acquire new practical and theoretical skills. If new information becomes too much, the old data is sent to "archive". Get them every year becomes more and more difficult. This is why regular practice is key to mastery of the specialty.

Research shows that memories formed in the hippocampus. In this structure, the information goes through three ways. Every memory is a strong relationship between neurons. If you block one pathway in the hippocampus of mice, memory animals is significantly reduced.

That is why scientists suggest that human memory also has a limit. When you receive a new layer of redundant information, old data and skills gradually fade into the background, and then completely disappear from the brain.

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