The household affects the frequency of sex

Experts from several universities in Spain and the United States found that men who help their wives run the household, less sex than those males who are supporters of marriage, where all the home work is done by the wife.

But don't jump to conclusions and to refrain from washing and cleaning. Scientists were also able to establish that such husbands their wives are more faithful. In other words, the more a man helps his wife, the less he leaves her a chance to look at other men.

The study was conducted among 4500 couples. Couples were divided scientists into different groups depending on home values. To the first group consisted of those families where there was a traditional orders: the male breadwinner money, and the wife is the Keeper of the hearth and the housewife.

The second group consisted of those couples in which the household was divided equally. That is, women were engaged in cleaning and cooking, while men were engaged in plumbing, electrical work, paying bills. Compared with families who were included in the first group, the time on the sex in these families decreased by 30 percent.

The third group included families in which reigned a real matriarch. Men were assigned almost all the duties of the household, and in these families the sex occurred in 50 percent of cases less than in the first group.

However, the issue of housework had two sides. Anonymous question found that in traditional families, wives were unfaithful to their husbands to 15 percent more than in families who entered the second group. As always unlucky men in the third group, which was dominated by the matriarchy. In these families, men plus more and was changed to 20 percent more than in the same second, where all the responsibilities were divided into male and female.

But, according to scientists, not all so bad, because there are several factors that also influenced the result. Scientists also found that wives were less unfaithful husbands, having a good income. In addition, the attractiveness of the husband as men also affect the degree of satisfaction of the wife from sex with him. That is, the obtained results, to some extent, are conditional.

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