The hot-tempered men disrupted brain chemistry

Why some people are short-tempered? Researchers from the UK responded to this question: some people just can't weigh the decision and respond to the impulse of the moment, sometimes without understanding the cause. That is, their chemistry of the brain does not function like everyone, impulsive men in mind there is no chemical GABA, which sends messages between brain cells.

Scientists from Cardiff University have analyzed the decision-making process in a large number of students from my University and simultaneously measured their brain activity using functional magnetic resonance imaging. Those who had a lower activity of the brain, was more prone to rash decisions.

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Some people are harder to control initial pulses to such an extent that it affects their socialization. However, we cannot completely blame the bad character and the inability to control myself, partly short-tempered people are not to blame for their behavior, they are simply not endowed with the necessary chemicals in the brain.

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