The hormone of happiness and love is similar to alcohol

The concept of "drunk with love" has a perfectly scientific justification. "Love hormone" oxytocin is actively secreted in the human brain during the kisses and hugs. Compound helps in the birth of a child, creates a psychological bond between mother and newborn. Scientists from the University of Birmingham has summed up the results of previous research on this topic, writes The Daily Mail.

Oxytocin changes the qualities of the person. Under the action of the hormone appears simplicity and generosity. Hormonal intoxication makes humble people daredevils. There is another side influence of the substance – the increase of aggression and arrogance. Interestingly, in people with some mental illnesses, the concentration of the hormone may be increased 10 times or more.

Elevation of oxytocin and aggression is justified from the point of view of evolution. Oxytocin thus forcing mothers to protect their child from danger. The hormone in the form of a spray, scientists believe, will help the shy to work up the courage before a first date or business meeting. While such drugs on the market, physicians are advised to rely solely on their strength.

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