The honey will help to keep the skin young

About the healing properties of honey and its benefits have been known long before our era, during the reign of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Honey contains more number of biologically active substances, which are necessary not only for the body but for the human skin. The composition of honey consists of not only water and natural sugar, but also minerals, amino acids and vitamins B2 and B6.

In addition, honey has the presence of enzymes such as phosphatase, amylase, diastasis, catalase. Honey was widely used in cosmetics as a skin moisturizer, as it retains moisture. It is important to note that honey is absolutely moisturizes all skin types, this skin remain supple and fresh, so it is used in the wrap. The aluminum contained in the honey has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

Probiotics and prebiotics - what is the difference and what is contained in the honey? Probiotics are contained in some kinds of tea, yoghurt, it is useful bacteria and in any case should not be confused with prebiotics. Prebiotics are ingredients, not perevarivayutsya enzymes of man. They affect the growth of probiotic bacteria, thus contributing to the regeneration of the skin. As you know, clogged pores due to dirty air and constantly need to be cleaned, as oxygen through the clogged pores are not received and therefore, the skin stops breathing, which affects its condition. But to correct the situation will always help honey.

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