The history of the stethoscope, or As rené Laennec heard the melody of a young heart

In whatever was dressed man or even naked if his neck stetophonendoscope - attitude immediately arises respectfully-cautious: the doctor! Anything not associated in our imagination doctor, with a special "ear" and the accompanying command: "Breathe... don't breathe...".

However, the story is simple and ingenious invention is not devoid of a light drama. The origins of her in the time of Hippocrates, in which the patient, as now, was tapped (percussion) and listening (auscultation), however, listened to using the normal human ear, applying the latter to the body.

Won't touch predictable sanitary nuisance (pollution of the body, Abusiveness - that was almost the norm, various skin diseases, etc.), there were purely "technical" problems, such as obesity of the patient, his almost lifeless condition and the like. With one of them and ran into Rene Theophile Hyacinthe the Laennec's doctor, who gave his colleagues an indispensable tool and immutable character.

Rene Laennec (1782-1826) in the student interested in early diagnosis of tuberculosis diagnosis at a stage when the patient could still help. At that time tuberculosis was afraid of not less than plague, and ordinary auscultation allowed something to hear, when it was too late.

Once Dr. Laennec was returning home through the Park to the Louvre and drew attention to the children playing near piles of scaffolding. When one boy put his ear to slice at one end of a log, on the other second with all urine was beating with a stick on the log. History has no documentary evidence that, but they say that Laennec's joined the company. However, not for the sake of entertainment. What was confirmed very soon.

One young patient's doctor had a heart attack. The patient was very young and... had a very spicy form, which completely excluded the possibility of direct auscultation. And then I remembered the game in the Louvre garden: Rene took a few sheets of notes (which were in the girls ' bathroom), turned their pipe and put to the breast beauties.

It remembers itself Dr. Laennec, he was struck by the clear, exclusively (at that time) distinct heart beats. Since the first was held mediocre auscultation (without touching the patient's ear doctor). And Laennec, returning home, immediately took up the improvement of musical pipes": he was the glue invented a device made of cardboard, hoping not only to heighten the durability, but also the best acoustic properties. The instrument to Be called a stethoscope - skopeo - watch, explore, a stethos - chest, GK.

Quest for the best has led to Rene the study of the wood of different species, and their working stethoscope he has made from wood. With this simple device he was able to determine the features of tuberculous process and described in their education tubercule (Latin name "tubercle", ulcer bacteria), which renamed itself down. Died rené Laennec's like a real selfless and God called the doctor, from the subject of his research - TB.

The invention of Laennec's gone "to the people" and first got wider flares to increase the contact area. Then to the "doctor" part began to attach the tube, so you can listen with two ears. In 1894 the first stethoscope with extensive membrane on the working surface such apparatus makes it possible to examine in more detail the sighting. Then many modifications and appears modern stetophonendoscope, which is still called a stethoscope. It has a huge, compared to the "note book" Laennec, possible, but still attentive and sympathetic ear doctor can not replace nothing - not even ultramodern computer system stationy.

Auscultation is the main method examination of the patient in therapy, neonatology, Pediatrics and other specialties. A good stethoscope is a guarantee of test accuracy and correctness resolved diagnosis. Today the market offers a variety of models of stethoscopes from acoustic to electronic. You can buy a stethoscope in Internet shop with over 50 models.

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