The high correlation of fertility with the threat of miscarriage

Oddly enough, but the higher a woman's ability to conceive in the future may result in the problem of successful gestation. Such unexpected conclusions were made by the specialists of the clinic of Princess Anne in Southampton and doctors of medicine of the University of Utrecht, reported the BBC.

The thing here is that individual women, the uterus has no ability to distinguish quality embryos from embryo defective. As a result, it makes it easy be implanted in himself and the first and second, and when the defective embryo grows, it is inevitable miscarriage, according to the study published in the journal PLoS ONE.

The researchers were able to find out when conducting the following experiment: they spent the procedure of scraping females in 6 women who had normal fertility and 6 women had previously had repeated miscarriages. Then in the samples they put quality and poor quality embryos.

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In samples of cells taken from possessing normal fertility in women, increased embryos with high quality and poor quality embryos was eliminated. In samples of women that previously had several miscarriages, was the development and growth of embryos of any quality.

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