The high content of contaminated particles in the air causes low weight newborns

Those mothers who live in conditions of environmental pollution, often give birth to children whose weight is below normal. This was reported by "the Irish Health" citing the results of American research scientists. According to experts from the U.S., air pollution is a cause of low weight newborn.

The study was conducted at the University of California, and became the most large-scale study of this kind. The researchers analyzed data from more than three million children from around the globe and found that in those places where the atmosphere is polluted most of all, to give birth to more babies whose weight was less than one kilogram. And low weight of the baby at birth increases the risk of death, as well as the various problems associated with health in his later life.

The air pollute microscopic particles, the concentration of which depends on car emissions, and emissions of some power plants. According to lead researcher Tracey Woodruff, worldwide pollution of the atmosphere by these particles exceeds permissible limits.

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Different countries have different valid norms that define a safe level of contamination of these particles. For example, in the US this ratio is equal to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of air. In the EU this figure is equivalent to 25 micrograms, but at the moment, the national authorities intend to revise this figure, of course, in the direction of its reduction. And recently made measurements in Beijing revealed 700 micrograms per cubic meter.

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