The high concentration of the "hormone of love" is a symptom of problems in the relationship

The group of Norwegian scientists found out that oxytocin, also called the "love hormone" is synthesized not only during sex, kissing or hugging, but when there is misunderstanding between the lovers, to help partners to get reacquainted.

This conclusion was made based on the results of the research, which was attended by seventy-five couples from the United States and one hundred and forty-eight volunteers from among the residents of Norway, including in a romantic relationship.

Participants were invited to perform communication, in which they are composed, and describe the partner's attitude toward them and then his reaction that they would like to see. In the course of the assignment, and on the eve of the experiment, the volunteers measured the level of oxytocin.

Then the indices of the two partners was compared and it was found that those who gave the relationship the greater the value, the concentration of the hormone was higher. Any dependence of results from the place of residence of study participants have been identified.

According to experts, it is the "love hormone" forced couples to be more care about the relationship. However, this mechanism was valid only in cases when the breakup was still possible to avoid. If the situation were hopeless, no surge of oxytocin was observed.

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