The herpes virus exists longer than the human race - the scientists

Scientists believe that the herpes virus is nothing you can do about it. The virus is in the body almost 100% of the population of mankind. You should know that the virus is not active. Tests proved the stability and the risk of this pathogen under certain conditions. Analysis of the development of the virus suggests that its history is longer than the history of mankind, according to The Journal.

The herpes virus was transmitted to humans from ancient apes. It happened around 1.6 million years ago. Traces of other strains of the herpes virus have an even longer history of development - from 4 to 6 million years.

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Scientists from the University of California found that man is the only Primate in the body which circulates two strains of the virus. The analysis showed that this is due to the process of evolution and the descent of man from apes. The herpes virus is the constant companion of man, the struggle with which is impossible.

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