The health Ministry told about the reasons for the extinction of men in Russia

Almost 70% of the total number of men of working age category died as a result of the use of alcoholic beverages, as evidenced by the provided by the Russian Ministry of health data.

The head of Department Veronika Skvortsova reported that currently in Russia the death rate among the male population significantly higher than the European average.

According to the statistics, to this day, the death rate among male population is more than 735 people per 100 thousand souls. In the EU the same indicator is in the range of 200-300. The official said that according to the developed Ministry plan, in 5 years Russia will be able to reduce that number to 530 people.

Skvortsova added that to achieve the approved plan, the results will help preventive measures that are to promote healthy lifestyle among the population. The Minister noted that the specific efficiency will have this work with those "who do not have a cumulative incidence".

Specialists intend to carry out a comprehensive engagement events with young people aged 14 to 16 years and men up to 35 years. As for the older age categories, experts note that to 45-50 years of health problems achieve maximum savings.

The Minister underlined the existence of the potential to prevent 41% of deaths under the condition that the population more attention will be placed by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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