The health Ministry of Russia is discussing the bill with citizens online

The health Ministry of Russia has launched a special service to discuss the draft law on health protection. Their comments and suggestions on the new version of the draft law "On the fundamentals of health protection of citizens in the Russian Federation" you can say on the website During the first phase of the discussion of the law was received 400 comments and the proposal, which have been incorporated in the new edition of the document.

This practice originates in 2008, when on the website for public diskutirovaniyu were lined main provisions of the health development until 2020. The provisions were received about 600 sentences from Internet users.

In the second phase, the website will discuss the legislation which will allow to solve the main challenges now facing the Ministry tasks, such as:

- the protection of civil rights in getting free medical care;

- establishing patterns of interaction between the public health system with municipal and private;

- providing one of the parents rights inpatient stay with a child in the hospital for the entire period of treatment.

The bill also aims at addressing the problem of fixing free palliative care for terminally ill people and the issues of assisted reproductive technologies, surrogacy, artificial insemination.Also will be widely discussed question about the determination of the transplant organ systems and tissues.

This practice allows each citizen of Russia to become an expert and to Express their opinions with regard to the situation on the ground. These laws are easier to come true, because they take into account many local factors and ideas.

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