The head of the family influences the formation of self-esteem in the child

And parents different countries perform various functions. In Europe raising a child usually falls to the mother, in the Eastern culture the role of head of the family and the caregiver goes to the men, their authority in most cases erected in the absolute, writes The Daily Mail.

A research group from the University of Sussex conducted a survey of 125 families from the UK and India. Children at the time of the survey was seven to nine years. Scientists interested in who in the family performs the main role and behavior as parents affects the self-esteem of children.

It turned out that annoying mother, prone to total control over the child, inhibit self-esteem. In Indian families, much depended on the father. Self-esteem was, whom the child considers important in the family, scientists say. In addition, the child's behavior was defined by anxiety, aggression and shyness on the part of parents.

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