The hardening of the children - strengthening health

Everyone knows about the benefits of hardening children. But for some reason many parents do not take him seriously, and in vain, because the hardening makes the immune system of a child is the most resistant to colds. Health promotion hardening will not harm the baby, it will help him become healthy and strong.

Hardening can be started almost from birth, but before you begin any of the procedures you must consult with your pediatrician. The child should be completely healthy at the time of hardening. The earlier you start firming treatments, the faster you will see the result.

To hardening was correct and more efficient, you need to know a few principles:

1. Individual approach. For each child a set of procedures selected individually, taking into account its capabilities and desires. You should not force your baby to harden against his will, it is better to wait a bit. The older child, it is recommended to ask what he likes. The tempering process can be turned into a game, then the kid will be interested and will always be willing to harden.

2. Gradualism. Hardening should start gradually moving from weak procedures to more intense as sharp hypothermia can cause stress in the body of the child. The duration of the procedures also should be increased gradually.

3. The regularity. Hardening is a very long process, do not wait for the first results after a week. Classes must be daily without interruption, then the effect will be visible after a few months. It is best to begin in the summer, and in winter, but with caution.

4. The complexity. To hardening gave more obvious results, it is recommended to follow the daily routine and balanced diet. A positive effect in tempering procedures have gymnastics and massage.

5. Security. You must ensure that the child does not overcooled and doesn't overheat. The baby's skin should always be warm. The child's temper need within reasonable limits, otherwise the consequences could be dire. Hypothermia can cause respiratory disease or even pneumonia.

Tempering water

This type of hardening is most effective, but for children under one year, more suitable for a more aerial baths and wiping with warm water. With years can move on to other water treatments. The cold water has the following principle: wipe the baby with water, the temperature of which every two days is reduced by one degree. To begin lowering the temperature of the need to 33-35°C. in Addition rubdowns, water tempering are a douche, douche, even regular washing. From one procedure to another, you can move only when the child is ready.

Tempering air

The air also provides invigorating effect on the body, so daily walks are necessary. Tempering toddler air since birth. In the early days is enough to ventilate the room where the child sleeps. After a few days you can take the first walk, which should last no longer than 20 minutes. Over time, you can walk 2 times a day for 2 hours. In the winter it is 30 minutes. The main condition, which should be followed - the child should always be dressed for the weather, not worth his heavily wrapped.

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