The harbinger of heart failure - dizzy

Scientists from the University of North Carolina (USA), it was found the fact that if a person, barely awake and sharply rising from the bed, begins to feel dizzy - this suggests that he is at risk, which threatens the development of heart failure.

Scientists have suggested that dizzy is evidence of a sharp decline in blood pressure or orthostatic hypotension, which seriously increases the risk of heart failure, that for people of Mature age (category is taken from 45 to 55 years) is especially dangerous.

During the research, which was conducted for 17 years, scientists observed blood pressure in 12363 participants: in the supine position and when they rose from the bed.

During the period of research about 11 percent of volunteers was identified heart failure and orthostatic hypotension, and 4 percent was recorded only heart failure. Reports of the studies were published in the journal Hypertension.

According to research Director Christine Jones, orthostatic hypotension should be included in the list of factors that contribute to the development of heart failure in this list are: diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease.

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Scientists believe that people who suffer from a sharp reduction in blood pressure by 54% of the most susceptible to heart failure.

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