The half-hour sports daily - the guarantee of health

The results of the national study of American scientists show that women have a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome than men. All things that women do at least 30 minutes less of exercise a day. It was found that, in spite of regular physical activity associated with better health in both sexes, it turns out that there is a big difference in this respect for women.

Metabolic syndrome represents a cluster of poor health outcomes, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and overweight, which increases the risk of developing chronic diseases such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes of the 2nd type.

Scientists from the National University in Oregon wrote about their findings in a study published in the online journal Preventive Medicine.

Bradley Cardinal, Professor of social psychology of physical activity in the ONU and Paul Loprinzi, a student in his laboratory, was originally intended to investigate the relationship between physical activity, depression and metabolic syndrome, and found a difference between the sexes.

Loprinzi, which currently is an associate Professor of sports science at the University Bellarmine in Louisville, Kentucky, told reporters this week:

"The results show that regular physical activity is undoubtedly related to positive health outcomes for men and women, however, it is impossible to compare its effectiveness to both sexes". 30 minutes of exercise a day can reduce a person's risk for depression, high cholesterol and the metabolic syndrome.

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"Thus, the basic idea here is that a woman should exercise not less than 30 minutes every day, because it reduces a lot of risk factors for many diseases" call American researchers.

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