The habit of picking your nose can be deadly — scientists

British scientists conducted a pilot study, which revealed that the habit of picking your nose are fraught with deadly consequences. The author of the study was Victoria Connor employee of the University of Liverpool.

As it turned out, rubbing the contents of the nasal passages, hands and face, the man falls into the risk group for pneumonia, and in some cases can lead to death. Such data results in the European Respiratory Journal.

The newspaper also reports that in the course of an experiment conducted under the leadership of Connor, seventy volunteers had suffered at the hands of the agents of pneumonia, and then the subjects were given the task to scratch his nose. Further research showed that 40% of the participants of the experiment pneumococc introduced into the nasal cavity with the fingers and palms, stuck. The danger lies in the fact that from the nasal passages bacteria can penetrate further, eventually reaching the lungs and under certain conditions, provoking the development of severe forms of pneumonia.

"Don't want to get sick with pneumonia – do not put your fingers in your nose," advised Connor.

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