The gym reduces the risk of prostate cancer in white men by 50%

The study, conducted by scientists from the Medical center veterans in Durham, UK, found that physical exercise can significantly reduce the possibility of occurrence of prostate cancer in light-skinned men, and in case of his appearance, they make it much easier its course. Interesting, but the received data does not affect black men. Earlier experiments have established the link between physical activity and prostate cancer.

In addition, experts found that black people are more prone to the appearance they have the disease than men with fair skin. The reasons for this phenomenon are still install scientists failed. In the conducted survey polled more than 300 men of both races, but representatives of the white race was more. They did a biopsy of the prostate, and also asked about the intensity of their sports for a certain period of time.

The obtained data scientists are divided by categories: sedentary, sedentary, medium load and high load. In fair-skinned men who entered the subgroup average and high loads, the results of the biopsy showed a 50 percent lower risk of prostate cancer than those men who led a sedentary lifestyle. But the interconnectedness between prostate cancer and physical activity among black males have been identified.

The study also aimed to determine the relationship between tumor size and physical activity volunteers. Sick men enrolled in a gym, 13 percent were less likely to experience they have advanced stage cancer. As for the blacks, their physical activity had no effect on the disease, although it is known that prostate cancer in black men takes place in a particularly aggressive form.

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