The guy from Brazil living with "brains out"

The 21 - year-old Brazilian boy with a rare disease of the Cutis verticis gyrata, because of this disease, his head looks as if he lives with a brain out. The surface of his head like two Department of the Central nervous system. This disease causes a man a lot of trouble if he goes outside without a hat, all the passers-by turned on him. The hair on your head is absolutely not growing.

It all started with the fact that at 19 years old guy abruptly started to go bald. At the beginning of the Brazilian did not attach much significance to this, because I thought that it's just heredity.

Subsequently, the disease relapsed and his head began to shrink and covered cones. Dermatologists working in the Hospital Universitario de Santa Maria for a very long time could not establish the exact diagnosis, but soon at a meeting with colleagues, they found that it is a rare disease that is called Cutis verticis gyrata.

The unusual origin of the disease was interested in not only local doctors, and experts from around the world. This disease is not treatable, in this case, the man can only help plastic surgery. But experts warned that only partially can smooth folds of his skull, and like before, he will not.

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