The growth of payments for health insurance among non-working population

In the first reading by the state Duma approved the draft, according to which regions should increase the payments in the system of compulsory medical insurance for the unemployed.

A single fee amount is set similarly to the contributions of the employee by the employer.

Director of development Department of health insurance Vladimir Zelensky noted that the Ministry's task is to balance the payments of employers ' and subjects in the system. By 2015, the single rate of contributions for non-working population will be installed everywhere. Prior to that existing payments annually will be added to 25 percent. If the employer is to pay 9 thousand rubles per worker, in the regions for the unemployed only 3 thousand by 2015, this difference should be reduced.

Just for this program will be sent 1, 4 trillion rubles ( now on this project spent 540 billion).

Time changes and the system of allocation of funds for health insurance, first all funds are consolidated in the Federal Fund and then distributed proportionally between regions according to the standards.

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