"The global crisis of a dream" - the new reality of modern society

Severe lack of sleep experienced by the inhabitants of large cities. This claim of scientists from the University of Michigan (USA). Biological rhythms of people change beyond recognition under the impact of cultural pressure.

We give a simple example. Many people work night shifts or schedules 3-3, when the working day lasts from 12 to 16 hours, followed by a series of 3 weekends. Human beings are daytime, night – time for sleep, but not work.

"We believe that social pressure can substantially weaken and even to hide the biological needs of the human body during sleep, which leads to the fact that people are spending their time not to sleep, and on social connections", - say the authors of the study.

A great influence and benefits of the modern world: social networking, night life and corporate values, welcoming work late.

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