The girl's mother Karen Show on milk already spent about 2 thousand pounds

9-year-old girl Holly Lindley found a rare disease - glycogenes where she is to survive, it is necessary to drink milk in slaughter number three liters each day. In this disease the body loses the ability to digest food and convert it into energy.

The problem is that this disease is incurable, so to prevent coma that threatens the girl, she should drink cold milk with the addition of five tablespoons of corn starch. This drink she consumed before bedtime and throughout the night due to starch is a slow release of energy.

The spread of this disease is very rare - on average, one in three million is diagnosed glycogenes". Holly found him in two years. Doctors medical center "Doncaster Royal Infirmary,"the girl revealed a sharp drop in blood volume to a critical level. On this basis, they made the assumption that there Holly rare diseases. In the hospital she was taken after loss of consciousness.

The girl's mother Karen Show on milk already spent about 2 thousand pounds.

The girl's mother Karen Shaw says that Holly is necessary to recall that the milk should be drunk even in the absence of her desire, as her salvation. Of course, the simpler is the use of carbonated soft drinks, giving a boost of energy. But because unloving daughter to them the best option in this situation was the milk. Also in the intervals between meals she should eat chocolate and sweets. She ironically calls Holly the only girl receiving at Breakfast, two chocolate bars and eat a box of chocolates every day.

According to the mother of the girls, she has the middle of the night to Wake Holly to give her milk. If this is not done, the reduction in the energy level reaches a critical point. Sleeping girl, according to his mother, no less than eleven hours per day. At first it was extremely difficult, and life during the first four years turned into a nightmare. But gradually they got used to better understand and more to get information about the disease.

As soon as Holly will grow, it will need more energy, and therefore, inevitably increasing their intake of milk.

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