The girl with paralysis cured using embryonic cells

The doctors were able to cure paralysis caused by a 19 year old girl with spinal tumor. To restore the freedom of movement helped modern technologies and embryonic stem cells, says Zee News.

The tumor had damaged most of the pathways that regulate the function of internal organs. Was lost control of her bowels and urination. Expert in cellular technology from India of Geeta Shroff has offered to host a long course of treatment with stem cells.

Eight years, the patient received injections of stem cells. As a result, the regeneration process failed to start. Now the girl can move independently.

"The therapy has no side effects. It does not cause rejection of the transplanted material and allow to cure almost all known ailments, from spinal injuries, pre-diabetes, neurological problems, Parkinson's disease, and even genetic disorders. I have treated more than 1,300 patients." says Shroff.

Cell technologies are perceived by the scientific community with skepticism. This therapy may cause the development of unmanaged cancer, which in itself is very dangerous. However effective options are not many, so some patients are at risk for the chance of recovery.

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