The girl will live with the heart of an adult donor

In St. Petersburg there was held a unique transplant donor hearts adult 11-year-old schoolgirl. The condition of the child at the moment the doctors assessed as satisfactory, because until recently the girl was not even able to walk independently.

In 4 month little Anya doctors have diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Treacherous virus gradually destroyed the heart and the moment came when it just refused to work. In the intensive care unit, the girl was already unconscious, and there was supported by the ventilator. Her heart with his work could not cope. According to the laws of the Russian Federation chance the girl was not, after all, a children's donation in our country is prohibited. To save Anya helped, oddly enough, it is a progressive disease and the determination of doctors. Because of illness, the heart has increased several times, and due to this, the surgeons decided to transplant Ana heart of an adult donor. This operation was the beginning of the modern history of the Russian transplantation.

The whole process of the 4-hour operation was recorded by dozens of cameras. And now, a month later, it is already possible to speak about the success of transplantation. While doctors do not give predictions about the timing of release of Ani from the hospital. Ahead of the girl expecting a difficult rehabilitation phase, in which the minutes will be painted medication, pills, physical therapy.

Rehabilitation takes place and the girl's mother Marina. She explores the pedagogy, after studying in a regular school, Anya until you can.

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Medical experts warn that the rehabilitation process will not be short-lived, and after leaving the hospital the girl will be all his life. But the main thing for Anya and her family that thanks to the doctors she was able to save lives.

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