The gene of schizophrenia can be identified in infancy

British scientists have found a gene, whose activity in infancy indicates a high risk of developing schizophrenia. The opening will be one of the steps in the development of systems for the diagnosis of the disease before its development.

Schizophrenia is a fairly common disease. Up to 1% of the world's population suffer from schizophrenia. Most often of the deviation develops in the age of 25-30 years, however, there are baby forms of the disease. Among the main symptoms: hallucinations, depression, apathy, thought disorder, delusions.

Treatment of schizophrenia is lifelong medication, or using other techniques. Scientists believe that early diagnosis can greatly improve the quality of life in schizophrenia.

The activity of a gene DISC-1 can be raised in the first year of life. This indicates an increased risk in the development of schizophrenia. These children need to bring in a special monitoring group to prevent illness and to catch up with her at the earliest possible time.

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