The functioning of the brain depends on the level of copper - scientists

Experts from the National laboratory Lawrence of the University of California established: copper is an extremely important trace element involved in the processes related to brain activity. Copper is responsible schA activity formation of synaptic connections between neurons.

The brain is the most mysterious formation of the body. Its weight is only 2% of the total body mass. These two percent require 20% of the total supply in the body of oxygen. In the brain substance high concentration of zinc, iron and copper, writes Zee News. The data were confirmed in the course of computer visualization with the use of special markers.

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Most t of the nervous system is quite likely not the metabolism of copper. Neurological disorders include path is incorrect oxidation of copper, which provokes the development of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Scientists are advised to consume foods rich in copper (liver, peanuts, hazelnuts and shrimp) or special vitamin, micronutrient supplements.

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