The full women in Europe

According to official data from the British women have the largest weight among all women in Europe. Aged from 18 to 2 years out of every four British suffers from obesity - this is a record for Europe index.

For comparison, in France obese 12, 7 percent of women in Spain - 14.4 and only 9.3 in Italy. Experts from the European Commission concerned about such indicators among women with obesity, the percentage of females from 18 to 24 is low in all countries except England.

In the UK 16,6 young women are overweight. Not far behind and British men - among them the percentage of obesity equal to 22.1, although this is only the second place, much more men are overweight live in Malta.

High rates of obesity in the UK contrast sharply with the performance of such countries as Romania, where the extra weight is observed only in 8 percent of women.

Obesity is considered an indicator of body mass index above 30, to calculate it by dividing your weight by the square of your height in metres.

Also, the UK is one of the most inactive of Nations, 63 percent of the population engaged in physical activity less than 30 minutes a day.

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