The fruit, which protects the heart

Recently, scientists Norway came to the following conclusion: "the Use of kiwi can protect the heart from various diseases", - informs the Internet edition

Usually people who suffer from cardiovascular disease, have daily use of aspirin, which is the main obstacle to the formation of blood clots. Now patients can breathe, called a full chest, they appeared healthy and, most importantly, delicious alternative to kiwi.

This fruit has the same properties, which has known heart problems aspirin. Kiwi is able to burn fat tissue, which blocks arteries, as a result of this process is a significant reduction in the risk of formation of blood clots.

Doctors say that the daily consumption of two to three kiwifruit can protect the heart from various diseases. If suffering from cardiovascular disease is at least one month will adhere to such supply, the risk of formation of blood clots he will drop by about 18 percent and 15 percent in the blood will decrease the level of harmful fatty acids.

Exactly the same properties and common gooseberry, growing at almost every summer cottage. Gooseberry is native "brother" kiwi and should be eaten in season no less than one glass per day.

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