The frequency of concussions and brain in children involved in sports

Scientists of the Department of sports medicine at Boston children's hospital conducted an epidemiological study, which determined the prevalence of concussions brain associated with sports in children secondary schools.

The researchers studied 1 056 histories of children who sought medical help after a sports injury. 14.6 percent of all injuries to account for the share of traumatic brain injury. Moreover, instructors and coaches in the primary direction of the child indicated a concussion in 94,4% of all cases of sports injuries.

Dr. Hives Meehan, said: "a Concussion is almost 15 percent of all sports injuries in children who are active in sports. While every fifth child is a full examination, which includes computed tomography of the brain and neuropsychological tests.

Today, traumatic brain injury is the leading place among diseases of the brain. Annually in the world register of about 200 to 250 cases per 100 000 population. The implications of these various injuries, from chronic headaches and ending with impaired cognitive functions. To prevent sports injuries in childhood is an important task trainers and coaches secondary schools.

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