The food preferences can be judged on lifestyle

184 volunteers participated in the experiment to determine the relationship between spicy food and human nature at the University of Pennsylvania. Eventually it was revealed that the adherents of food witty prefer an active lifestyle, these people are constantly in search of new adventures and thrills. Those who prefer food neutral taste, are the complete antithesis of the first type of people. These beings are configured to slow and calm way of life.

In the test, the volunteers were given a 25 μm capsaicin (the substance found in chili peppers), and then asked to describe their sensations liked or did not like the taste. Eventually it was revealed that participants who taste of capsacin liked, often risk their lives and slopes to the subsequent exploits. Those spicy taste was not pleasant, scored less points, the result was a lower propensity to engage in risky activities.

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Scientists have long been mentioned in the teachings of a direct link between the intensity of the flavor and spiciness of the food. In theory, most people should prefer spicy food, which irritates the receptors and invigorating, but in practice turned out to be quite the opposite. To the fact when consuming spicy foods before bedtime is the likelihood of insomnia, which negatively affects human health in General.

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