The folk saying "drunk reckless" scientists confirmed

For a long time the doctors warned us that, in the case of alcohol, we are at great risk of injury. Not so long ago past research scientists from Illinois have confirmed this, however, in addition, they revealed the paradoxical relationship between the chances of survival in critically unsafe situations and passion for alcohol. It turned out that the intoxicated lowers the probability of dying in an accident.

Before making such a conclusion, North American researchers have studied 191 000 people in the U.S. who were treated in trauma centers from 1995 to 2009.

Of the 191 000 people in a short time subsequently hospitalized, died due to injuries around 6 733 people. Detailed investigation of situations of death and acquired defects demonstrated that life often parted patients who were sober on the day of injury.

At this point, people coming to doctors in alcohol, the risk of death from results acquired injuries was about 50% lower. It is worth noting that this phenomenon objectively in relation to all types of injuries, although has nothing to do with the burns from the fire.

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Professor Lee Friedman, head of research, said that this discovery will help to get a drug that is able to simulate the protective result of alcohol on the body of the patient who received severe injuries.

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