The first underwater wheelchair to take part in the play

British artist sue Austin has developed a model of an underwater wheelchair. According to "Bi-bi-si", the author, confined to a wheelchair since 1996, experts-divers and scientists.

Together they created a unique prototype stroller that will participate in the performance under water in the swimming pool of the town of Weymouth (England). Austin says that this idea came into her head, when she learned to scuba dive. But then, in 1995, the engineers convinced her that this stroller will not be able to function under water. With the assistance of state financial support scheme arts the author's imagination became reality. Conventional wheelchair was floating by means of two foot motors and special transparent fins, which regulate the direction of movement. An interesting instance is already interested in. The woman came Director of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors with suggestions of lease of the unusual transport. And the lecturers of the Department of Oceanography, University of Plymouth said that this stroller will make their lectures available to students with disabilities.

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