The first symptoms of stroke and 7 measures emergency first aid

Most doctors are next at the most inopportune moment. They notice the number of cigarettes in the ashtray, empty bottles, randomly scattered drugs... And immediately accepted to read morals" and give us advice that we, politely nodding, skip past the ears.

But in vain! Because the trouble often comes in the absence of the representatives of medicine. And when the balance between "to be or not to be" varies the life of a loved one, our knowledge and skills will become invaluable.

Reading this article will take you no more than 5-7 minutes. So, after 7 minutes you will be armed with an affordable but effective tools that will allow you to get out and resist even such a terrible and ruthless enemy, as stroke.

This acute circulatory disorders developing in the brain vessels. Occurs under different circumstances: spasm, hemorrhage, thrombosis, etc., In the part of the brain remains without power and are able to survive a very short time. Therefore, the stroke and stroke conditions require emergency care.

In these crucial moments you have no right to confusion and fear - only confident, clear steps. After all, the more competent you will be to help, the better the patient's chances to not only survive, but also to return to normal life.

There is a very simple and effective test to detect the first symptoms of stroke. Remember it's easy: each letter will tell you the required action.

U. Ask the patient to Smile. When starting the stroke smile becomes the "curve" is skewed. Half the person ceases to obey the will of the patient, so one of the corners of the mouth helplessly omitted. The language is also asymmetric: he "dumped" in one side and acquires an irregular shape.C. Ask the person to Speak. About stroke condition indicates slurred, "with stammering speech, such talk much drunken man.P. If the patient is able to do it, ask him to Raise up both hands at the same time. The result is visible immediately: when the stroke of the arm on the affected side of the body will rise much lower. In any case, the level at which you are right and left hand will be different.

a sharp headache (after a nervous and physical strain or no apparent reason); clouding or loss of consciousness; - sudden numbness or weakness of arms or legs, and part of the face; - disorder of the ability to speak, to understand the meaning of others ' speech; dizziness, acute disorder of coordination, sense of balance.

So, do not hesitate to call an Ambulance in the presence of even one of these.

1. Immediately dial "03" ("112" - almost all mobile operators) and try to clearly describe what is happening. A patient with suspected stroke require the help of specialists-neurologists. Following your story, it is this team and should be sent by the Manager. 2. Lay him so that his head was above the level of the bed is approximately 30°. Use pillows, blankets, clothes. 3. Take care of the freedom of breathing: remove patient with a tight belt, unbutton tight clothing, provide fresh air into the room. 4. When nausea and vomiting gently turn the patient's head to the side, that will protect the respiratory tract from vomit. Gently place a basin or package, better plastic. After vomiting, try as best you can to clean the oral cavity of the patient. 5. Measure (and record the results) blood pressure. When high blood pressure find and help the patient to take the medicine, which he uses in these cases. In the absence of the drug to attach to the patient's leg pad and or a bottle with hot water (to avoid burns, check the water temperature!). 7. Do not fuss, do not show the patient his anxiety, and even more confusion and fear. Talk calmly, trying by all means to give him moral support. 8. Upon arrival of the Ambulance quickly, but coherently give doctors a picture of what happened. Your words should be concise but informative.

And now let's sum up.

The first minutes of stroke condition often determine the prognosis of the disease. Therefore, your role can be crucial. Timely recognition of the first stroke symptoms, and quality first aid for stroke can save your life and allow 100% rehabilitation.

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