The first signs of impotence - the barometer of cardiovascular disease.

Studying the causes of erectile dysfunction in men, the researchers concluded that these causes are identical with the development of cardiovascular diseases and is associated with atherosclerosis. "Erectile dysfunction is an early sign of cardiovascular disease".

From a purely physiological point of view, erection is a hydraulic event, which is delivered to the penis "extra" portion of the blood, if the blood flow is narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerotic obstruction), the erection may not occur.

Is a reasonable conclusion that a violation of the cross in the blood vessels due to atherosclerosis lead to angina or heart attack, transient ischemic attack or stroke and impotence, depending on the location of atherosclerotic plaques.

Dr. Harvard University Michael Oleri said: "an Erection is a barometer of the General health of the body, it can also be an early diagnostic sign of cardiovascular events. Luckily there are ways to combat impotence and these methods are the same as in the prevention of atherosclerosis: modification of lifestyle towards regular physical activity, a diet of burgers, Smoking cessation and statins".

You can write a lot on the development and prevention of atherosclerosis, but it is important to remember that today there are effective drugs for the prevention and treatment such as statins, unfortunately, our men rarely do doctors ' recommendations and conduct prevention of atherosclerosis. Now there is a more serious issue than atherosclerosis - impotence.

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