The first signs and treatment of throat cancer

Malignant tumor located within the pharynx and larynx, called cancer of the throat. This is one of the most common cancers. But, in recent years the number of cases decreased, because smokers to stop this bad habit, which is the main factor causing this cancer.

In addition to tobacco use, cancer of the throat causes infections of the mouth, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, pappilomavirus human, pollution of the air space and water resources.

The disease is difficult to diagnose in the early stages because its symptoms resemble the symptoms of the common cold, allergic reactions, viral infections. Initially appear persistent pain in the throat, difficulty swallowing and reduced tone of voice, swollen lymph nodes, sometimes ulceration and whitish spots. At this time, should conduct a survey that will facilitate the subsequent treatment.

Obvious symptoms of throat cancer: strong cutting throat pain, rapid weight loss, persistent cough, pain in the ears. To confirm the diagnosis assigned additional tests and analyses:

• biopsy, which accurately determines the cancer;

• to identify the location of the lesion there are special tests;

• computed tomography allows to treat the tumor in three-dimensional image.


Before assigning the treatment of this disease, stage of cancer is determined, which is determined by the size of the tumor, presence of metastasis, the mobility of the vocal cords. The initial stage is only small tumors, but without metastasis, cancer cells appear already in the second stage, and third and fourth are characterized by the spread of the disease to nearby tissue and then throughout the body.

Treatment of throat cancer is through surgery, chemo and radiation therapy. As an innovative form of treatment, which has already yielded positive results, the patient is offered targeted therapy conducted using intravenous drugs introduced on a weekly basis under the strict supervision of doctors. Medication similar with chemotherapy, but the side effects are not so pronounced.

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