The first Russian nanoreport for the diagnosis of cancer will have in 2018

Preparation based on magnetite will begin testing in 2018, according to project Manager Alexander Mazhuga.

"At the successful completion of preclinical trials of 2018, we plan to begin clinical trials of the first domestic contrast agent for imaging of brain tumors. Developed technology is universal and can be used to diagnose other types of cancer," comments Dr..

Magnetite nanoparticles need to increase the detail of the images in the MRI apparatus. This drug is not toxic and has no serious contraindications. The main application of magnetite – cancer diagnosis, talk to experts.

The special formula of the drug gets inside of cancer cells, allowing the tumor to identify the smallest sizes. "We have developed a technology unparalleled in the world, which can be directed to release the drug in specified cancer cells," says Dr. Alexander.

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