The first reason for delaying divorce is fear

More and more people consider their marriages failed. However, divorce may seem the most not possible because of various fears. The reasons for the dissatisfaction with the marriage of men and women are completely different. As for the male half, then in most cases it turns out to be dissatisfied sex life with his wife, where they are overtaken by disappointment. For women the primary is another question - lack of pleasure stay in the marriage, plus the financial side after a divorce.

Therefore, for reasons of fear of divorce, the researchers conducted a survey among more than two thousand people. The results showed that almost one in five people who are married are not happy with their position and status. However, to decide on divorce respondents agree only if their financial security. In addition, one fourth of the respondents do not love their partners, 15% dream about marriage with another person, 30% do not want to spend time with each other.

The study was commissioned major UK law firm. As a result, answers to questions on the topic were very different, but they were all together to one that this step will be the last. The main reason was the fear, in addition mentioned children, unwillingness to be in a bad financial position, guilt before the partner, fear of independence and loneliness.

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