The first child has an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease

Scientists from the University of Auckland has proven that first-borns are more likely to face health problems. Especially often it relates to heart disease, endocrine system. The prevalence of diabetes among first child compared to the subsequent relatively higher.

His theory scientists have confirmed in the study of adults. The primary group for the survey consisted of volunteers at the age of 40-50 years with being overweight, writes the Huffington Post. People were divided into first-born and all the rest. It was further estimated tolerance to insulin (one of the leading features contributing to the development of diabetes).

Having similar growth rates in the two groups, men from a group of first-borns had an average weight of 6.8 pounds more. Their body mass index was 29, second born had an index of 27.5. It is the body mass index determines the degree of obesity.

Insulin sensitivity the firstborn was reduced by one third compared with all the others. This factor does not give a full and quickly remove sugar from the blood.

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