The first baby clothes - choose wisely

Going shopping for the baby, before the newly minted parents have a difficult task, because the current range of children's clothing is large enough and diverse.

So the first advice for young moms and dads: do not need to buy all the most beautiful and bright. The baby is growing very fast, and you may simply not be able to use all bought closet.

Secondly, things bright and contrasting colors to the eyes of newborns are quite aggressive, while bedding shades will fit perfectly.

The third criterion is the convenience. Clothes should not embarrass the child, constrain its movement. You must ensure that the gum on things were not tight, buttons and riveting were not on the back(since the first months of life the baby spends basically lying), and on the shoulder or front of the product.

The size is also one of the important aspects. Should not be that the clothing is too big or small child. So do not buy a lot of repetitive things, the child can quickly outgrow.

From birth all babies have very delicate skin that needs to "breathe". This function performs the clothing from natural materials, her baby will have a comfortable and comfortable than synthetic.

It is important that the fabric does not fade in the wash, buttons, and other small parts were well attached to the product, and the seams are smooth (the child may become tangled her fingers in the thread, out of loops).

Let us list of recommended clothing for the little ones.

The best part of one's wardrobe, both for baby and for mom is a slip. It is very comfortable to sleep in: shirt (or shirt), dressed under slip, no ride up and does not cause discomfort. Fasten it between his legs, which facilitates the process of changing the diaper. Very convenient slips with closed feet - there is no need to wear socks, gum, which can leave marks on the skin of children. Slips are cotton, fleece and Terry cloth.

Bodysuit. There are long sleeve or short, with clasps on the shoulder or in front of you. For babies more fit body with rivets ahead: because so little kiddies need to support the head, put clothes on them over the head quite problematic. Bodysuit long sleeve comfortable to walk in Sunny weather, the legs can be left bare, and colder to put on top of the pants, which allows not to bring extra stuff.

Sandpiper. Kind of connection t-shirts with shorts, has a zipper riveting between his legs. Very convenient for a walk on a Sunny summer day.

The sliders. Walking is preferable for the band: they are more comfortable to wear on the street in case of cooling. At home the child will be comfortable in sliders, fastened at the shoulders, because no gum, which could push.

The pants. There are open and closed feet. The rubber-elastic avoid squeezing the tummy baby. Conveniently combined with body.

A shirt. Short shirt with the smell from both sides, with open or closed handles. Can be with or without fasteners or rivets or ties on the side. Vests dress a newborn.

The blouse. The same shirt, only worn at an older age. Rivets or buttons, with open or closed handles.

Cap (cap). Baby hat with ties. Sometimes knitted or warm for walking. Because newborn babies vast majority of their time lying down and satisfy their curiosity, actively twirl your head, they are encouraged to wear bonnets with drawstring, allowing the cap to remain in place and not sliding.

Gloves (or corapci). Dress up to ensure that the baby is not scratched itself during sleep or when actively playing handles. As a rule, running from 0 to 3 months.

Booties. Soft shoes baby. Sometimes knitted or knitted.

The bib. The bib for protecting the clothes of the baby from salivation, regurgitation, and from contamination during feeding.

Envelopes and overalls. There are natural or synthetic insulation. Worn in cold weather.

Buying clothes your baby, think over every detail, taking into account all the above tips. And remember, your baby is still how beautiful his closet, the main thing is that he was comfortable.

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