The first aid in case of poisoning

In our world, we often meet with poor quality food, had a snack on the go, the result of all this, food poisoning, how to provide help, if you still poisoned?

The correct first aid if poisoning begins with a complete cleansing of the stomach. For this purpose it is necessary to give to the patient about two litres of water and to cause him to vomit, with the application of two fingers to the root of the tongue. If poisoned the seizures started, you need to put it in a comfortable position and make sure that vomit could not get into the respiratory tract. After you have to call a doctor who will help the victim.

If poisoning has occurred with acid or alkali, the need to drink as much cold water or ice water. If poisoning are severe pain and vomiting, you should put the patient in a comfortable position, and apply ice in the epigastric region. If such symptoms do not eat, drink alcohol and in any case not to allow a laxative, it helps the penetration of alkali or acid in the intestines.

In the case of food poisoning or any other, moreover, which is not associated with the poison, the patient needs to give divorced activated carbon in a ratio of 30 grams per 150 ml of water.

If poisoning is a strong poison, there is not only pain in the abdomen, but also burning eyes, runny nose and cough, then the pain at the time of leaving, and then there is a strong choking, as the lungs become swollen. You must give him plenty of fluids and call an ambulance. Doctors will enter the patient glucose and saline. In severe cases, may require phlebotomy.

If the poison is poorly excreted from the body, it can bring through sweating body. The patient is placed in a hot bath, and then gave him a good wrap up in a blanket, to the sweat stood out the poison. There is also dry-air baths, by hot blowing open the pores and the poison out of the body.

Remember, only an experienced health worker can enter the antidote to the victim.

In cases of poisoning by dichlorvos or the means with which it is identical, it is necessary to wash out the stomach and drink about six tablets Bezalel.

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This knowledge will help you to assist the patient in cases of poisoning, not only food, but also poisons. But the most important is the timely access to a specialist.

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