The first 12 minutes of the meeting will determine the future relations between partners

Scientists conducted a study in which managed to establish that in the first 12 minutes of the meetings largely determine the future relations between the partners. It is this short period of time, experts say, is the most important.

In the study, researchers gathered a group of two thousand volunteers. People suggested to go through various psychological tests. According to the survey, the first minutes of meetings affect the formation of long-term relationships based on trust. In addition, many respondents noted, it is very important expression of the eyes of a partner, his smile and voice.

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According to the latest data, 6% belong to the first date very seriously, a quarter of respondents in advance greatly improve your appearance, and another 6% are resorting to diets. According to experts, the first date it is best to choose clothes in which you feel comfortable, familiar and attractive.

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