The figure is better to work standing

Work in the room standing, in particular for a computer, will help employees lose weight and reduce the risk of diabetes, these are the conclusions of scientists from Auckland.

Professor of public health Grant swift called her open "tear ass from the chair". He reviewed the many studies of sedentary life and found that workers who changed his seat on the stand-up terminal, not only threw for year two pounds, but also improve their posture.

Conducted preliminary and following using available in stores tables, changing the height of the countertops, which can be adjusted as to height of a seated man and standing position.

It turned out that somebody working on the computer loses 84 calories per hour, which is 13 percent more compared to sedentary (73 calories) and a 16 percent increase compared to lying. In combination with increasing movements while working at a computer terminal, standing workers spend significantly more calories and their weight decreases, not increases during the year.

Also the position in a standing position for a long time prevents the production of enzymes that cause type II diabetes.

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