The fight against infections during pregnancy

As you know, pregnant women are more susceptible to infections. Researchers from the University of Minnesota have identified the basic physiological mechanisms of immunosuppression, which will open the way to the development of new techniques for the prevention of infectious diseases during pregnancy.

In pregnancy, the activity of immune cells of women is reduced to prevent the attack of the immune system of the mother to the child. However, at the same time is reduced and the protection of the mother from external infections and potentially pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella.

Dr. sing sing Wei has developed a method for the separation of useful and harmful effects of immune cells. In particular, when the laboratory mouse was pregnant, regulatory T-cells of the immune system, doctors removed the molecules of IL-10. The experiment showed that the outcome of pregnancy, mice, these actions have not had any harmful effects.

Pregnant women are not always able to identify the infection, especially when their General symptoms (fatigue, temperature) similar to pregnancy symptoms. However, delaying treatment can harm the mother and infect the baby. Therefore, improving the sustainability of the immune system without damage to the fetus became doctors, immunologists one priority.

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