The female hormone is a new tool in the treatment of brain injury

In the country of Albion, in the UK began an unusual scientific research, which involved the best medical professionals in the state. Scientists started to study the influence of the hormone progesterone for people with brain injuries. The researchers believe that the hormone progesterone protects the brain, reduces swelling and speeds recovery.

At the moment progesterone tested in five hospitals. The test participants are about one thousand two hundred men from seventeen to seventy, they will be introduced progesterone and placebo intravenously. This test is called a SyNAPSe. The first adjustment will be made only after two or three years. Fevered brain, caused by strong shock, disorders of blood circulation resulting in a swelling. This can lead to irreversible changes in the brain and death of cells. To use progesterone as a drug for the brain injury came to mind scientists after watching the women taking progesterone in brain injury, which quickly recovered.

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Progesterone is an important hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle and is responsible for the pregnancy. In men it affects differently. This hormone stimulates the production of male sex hormone testosterone and the production of seminal fluid. Both men and women progesterone affects the level of mood and sleep. The hormone, which is used for testing was obtained from plants. This form of the hormone is safe and relatively inexpensive. In 2008, the progesterone was tested on rats and obtained very good results. Immediately after the tests in clinical conditions in animals, it was agreed to give rise to the treatment of people, which gave excellent results without any side effects.

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