The FDA has approved Botox for the treatment of urinary incontinence

The Federal service of America quality control of medicines and food (FDA)approved the use of Botox for the treatment of incontinence due to neurological disorders (spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and others).

Botox's effectiveness was demonstrated in two large clinical studies involving 691 patients with urinary incontinence.

Injection of Botox into the bladder leads to relaxation of the muscle wall, and respectively increase and decrease the symptoms of incontinence. This procedure does not require long-term hospitalization, the patient, and be carried out with the help of a cystoscope. The effect of the injections is stored for 9 months. Side effects were only recorded cystitis, developing due to the accession of infection in the injection site.

Incontinence is a common pathology among the elderly, significantly affecting the quality of life and social adaptation. At the moment the symptoms of this pathological condition is removed constant reception tableted drugs anticholinergic number or by surgical intervention.

The proposed method of treatment will significantly improve the quality of life of patients with nederzhanyem urine, as they will not need to take daily medication or perform surgery.

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