The fattest woman in the world lost weight up to 200 kg

38 the American woman charity pierce weighed 358 kg. With such weight it was only possible to continue on there. To work or even walk charity could not. A big part of life the woman spent at home, eating a serving per serving. Without my noticing, to the Mature years she began to weigh more than three quintals.

When charity saw that the daughter adopts her habits, she decided to radically change your lifestyle. In the result of works the weight has been reduced by 200 kg.

Just a few years ago, the charity could not imagine their life without pizza, chocolate and donuts. Now her daily diet consists of vegetables, chicken, yogurt, vegetables and fruits.

The situation with her daughter charity is also close to critical. Its weight close to 200 lbs. Mother is worried. "I know what it's like to be really fat. But when I try with her to talk about it, she was very upset. I don't want her crying, but don't want to endanger their health," says charity.

Now the family is losing weight together, keeping to an active lifestyle and a balanced diet.

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