The family got the egg is dead daughter

An Israeli court has allowed the family to get the egg of their deceased daughter.

17 year old daughter from a family Ayash were killed in a car accident last week, after which her family has filed a petition to get her frozen eggs. This is the first probable case, when a mother bear can produce a child after death, it will create many ethical and legal issues in the Israeli media and the medical community.

Legislation regarding the disposal of oocytes after death exists not in all countries, although the removal of sperm from dead men, pre-signed consent, at the moment has become a fairly common practice. Such operation is made in the USA by the dozens.

However, last year the U.S. court dismissed the petition by another family with a request of oocyte retrieval in pogibli flight attendants, based on the fact that before he died of a heart attack, she did not want to have children. In the case of an Israeli family, the issue of consent lost girls is important.

The court permitted to withdraw egg ( other bodies were to be used for transplantation to the needy), but the judge did not allow them insemination with donor sperm. The decision will be changed only if the family Ayash prove that their daughter wanted to have children.

In addition, the success of such artificial pregnancy is not a foregone conclusion, so the doctors gave the family Council to change the Board's decision.

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