The falsehood of man hormones push

In the course of the experiment, the scientists were able to figure out what a lie man pushes increased amounts of the hormones cortisol and testosterone. More information about the results of this study will be discussed in the August issue of The Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

In the experiment took 117 volunteers. Respondents were asked to solve simple math question and to report the results to the scientists. For the correct answer to the volunteers promised to pay good monetary reward, in accordance with a number of solved examples have increased the final amount of money. During the experiment all the subjects were collected saliva samples to clarify, does the development of hormones on the propensity to lie.

Upon completion of the experiment it was found that all participants who intentionally overstated its results, was elevated levels of the hormones cortisol and testosterone. This allowed the scientists to conclude that an excess of testosterone creates a fertile ground for deception because it reduces the fear of possible punishment for revealing the truth. At the same time, cortisol is secreted under stress, due to lies. According to scientists, the results of the experiment indicate that a person is lying not on their own initiative, and under the influence of hormones.

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